Fay Rosamond is a certified Yoga Alliance 500 hours Advanced Yoga teacher. She has been teaching yoga for 6 years along side a lifelong study of movement through dance and a philosophical inquiry into presence and experience. 


She teaches a dynamic Vinyasa flow moving with the breath, integrating with the earth, and drawing our awareness into our hearts to feel the divinity in each moment. This is a devotional space for self inquiry, love and deepest respect of spirit. 


Fay brings intention into each session and focuses on the simplicity of being through asana practice. Her teaching has a somatic influence (studies which with a emphasis on the internal physical perception of experience) to bring us to our center, to witness our presence, awareness, equanimity and our potential that rests within each moment. 


Fay was born in Devon (England) with a mixed heritage of West Indies, Spanish, French, Italian and English. Her Devon life consisted of playing in rivers, befriending horses, musical explorations of piano and singing, additionally the love of dancing. She studied mainly the form of Ballet Cecchetti method which was a technique devised by the Italian ballet master Enrico Cecchetti (1850 - 1928). This method seeks to develop the essential skills of dance (e.g., balance, poise, strength, elevation, flexibility, and artistry) in ballet students. Faye competed the grades to Elementary Level by the time she was 16 years old and then went on to study Contemporary Dance, Choreography and Philosophy of Performance at Bath Spa University for a 2:1 BA Hons from 2003 until 2006.

Fay later studied at Laban Conservator of Dance and Music, London from 2007 until 2008. Completing a Post-Graduate Dance Diploma with a particular emphasis on Graham, Cunningham, Release; Contact Improvisation, Pilates and Feldenkrais  techniques as well as choreography and performance. Fay also delved into research around somatic awareness and movement development, allowing a interest of body wisdom to emerge around creative sequencing and efficient movement.  

After a years break from movement after a serious dance injury Fay witnessed a phenomenal support network arise within the yoga community at London triyoga where she managed the yoga studio in Soho London for three years. This gave her countless opportunities to work with some incredible yoga teachers and therapists, from England and all around the world. This turned out to be a incredible time of growth in many ways as she was asked turn in towards her heart, and heal. Fay was filled with immense gratitude for the generosity of others. That gift of being held guided her commitment into the spiritual and physical inquiry of spirit, a life long journey that never seems to be finished.

Fay's early years were spent wild and free in Devon countryside. As a child she was merged with nature...trees, rivers, ponds, horses, music and dance. All of these aspects are deeply embedded into Fay's experiences of what she would now call merging with spirit, to be part of everything around her, to connect to the nature that we are, to rest into the presence of love, to be patient and let life unfold when its ready, to be right here, right now, to dissolve into the light, and solidify into the beauty of form, to be clear and hold the gift of Sankalpa (hearts true wish) at the center of our thoughts and actions.

Fay therefore only shares what she has experience through her life inquiry into the beauty of being.


May your journey be full of moments that remind you of your eternal beauty, the gift of your life, and joy of spirit.

A life that reflects back to you how well made you are, the gift of nature, something we are intrinsically intertwined with and eternally dancing within. 





100 hour Anusara Teacher Training Immersion at triyoga, London with Bridget Woods Kramer.


200 hour Teacher Training at triyoga, London with Anna Ashby and Joey Miles - British Wheel of Yoga. 

33 hours of Restorative Yoga Teacher Training at triyoga, London with Anna Ashby. 


300 Advanced Yoga Teacher Training at triyoga London with Anna Ashby and Jean Hall - Yoga Alliance.


Thai Yoga Masssage Training, Itzhak Helmen. Thailand Sunshine Network. Lahu Village.