Harmonic Earth-day

Libra New Moon - Cacao Ceremony

Invoking the beautiful Indian monkey god Hanuman; we will explore his depth of heart and devotion through yoga and song.

Saturday 28th of September

6.00pm - 11pm

General/Full  £25 

Concessions £15


Cacao plant is an ancient plant medicine and has been used for spiritual, medicinal and ceremonial purposes throughout history. High in iron magnesium and B-Complex Vitamins which gives a number of physical cardiovascular health benefits, also releasing dopamine and endorphins in the body, its contains anandamide known as a bliss molecule when you feel a rush of good energy, creates more blood flow to brain, strengthening awareness and focus..it channel’s creative energy as well as deep meditation. 


  • Heart Opening

  • Connection with your higher self 

  • Enhances and Deepens mediation

  • A pathway to creativity 

  • Improved Yoga Practice 

  • Mental Clarity 

  • Re-balance of your inner male (action) & female energies (inspiration)

  • Inner peace 

  • Healing

  • Guidance 

  • Fun


Used by the South American’s (the Maya) for thousands of years. Cacao opens the doorway into earthly presence of spirit within the body but not in a hallucinogenic way and not a ‘out of body experience’. Its a grounding medicine rooted in the bodily energetic systems to restore balance and good health. 


Cacao through intentions and prayer encourages us to open our hearts, to allow us to open to our true potential, be vulnerable and embrace authentic selves. To discover our highest potential and create a beautiful for life for our selfs and others around us.

More we connect to love and awareness in ourselves the more loving and conscious choices we can make for the greater good.


This is a invitation to come together in ceremony to honour the energy of the libra new moon celebrating the birthing of a new gong that will be played and introduced that evening.


With Venus ruling over Libra we our intention in beauty, passion,love, creativity, art, balance, relationship & harmony. 

Interweaved elements of...



Flow to restorative yoga



Sonic healing


Please contact me directly to book your place and book in advance to avoid disappointment as limited capacity.

 Full payment is required to reserve your place.



*With Great Respect and Love*