Art of transformation


Welcome to the inner journey of transformation, through presence and awareness knowing yourself in a new way. 


*This course will challenge your perceptions on what yoga asana is, because we are more than that.


*Its intention is to inform you about some of the intrinsic aspects of yoga, to engage you with your practice in a new way, this will help to bring understanding into how your inner experience and life correlate. 

*Therefore we create space to open fully to life in a way you choose, with intention, awareness and integrating some of the integral aspects of yoga as a life practice with a foundational inner journey with the Cakra System within the Tantra. 


A overview of main basic principles of yoga philosophy of the Chakra system and how they can apply to daily practice and life.


Module Schedule 

1. Muladara Chakra (Root) 

2. Svadhisthana (Sacral) 

3. Manipura (Navel) 

4. Anahata (Heart)  

5. Vishudha (Throat)

6. Ajna (Third eye) 

7.Sahasrara (Crown Chakra)