Beautiful creations, a collaboration with Fay, founder of Labyrinth yoga, Sophie White (jewellery) and Chrissy (silk and dress creator). We have all been in a deep inner practice in trade to come into alignment to bring you handmade collaborations that reflect our hearts of peace and inspired by India.

This collection of handmade silk dresses and ethical silver jewellery are all created to honour our spirits.   


Bring the prayer of beauty and abundance into your life with colour and attention to detail you will find nowhere else.


All individually hand made, with care and love. 

Ethical silver Jewellery with stones and prayer mantras woven into them before you receive them so the wearer can invite brilliance into their lives. 

Pure silk dresses made from vintage Indian sari's, Each unique with the occasional twin dress made from the same sari.

Perfect for everyday wear, special occasions, glamorous yoga, music ceremony or even around the house, or beautiful bedtimes. 


Each item is sent, packaged with a prayer mantra woven into it and incense to fill your senses.


Bring the healing blessing of colour, vibrancy and depth of spirit into your life. 


Each one a treasure and a lifetime piece.