"Challenge, beautiful, spiritual,... her classes are everything!"


Out-of-this-world experience, every time, so nourishing for the body and mind - would recommend to everybody"

"Fay is extremely talented and puts a lot of thought and love into what she does. This translates into one of the best yoga classes I have attended in over 10 years of practice."

"She is one of the best teachers in Bristol/the world"

"Fay’s classes are the perfect combination of calm, strength, healing and power. She is an amazing teacher, healer and source of light!"

"The sound bath at the end of this class was monumental, I haven't experienced anything quite like it... More like a power-shower than a bath... the vibrations of the instruments, especially the big gong, seemed to free me of negativities and leave them on the mat during savasana. Fay then played guitar and sang and it sounded like a choir had started. Profound experience! Go!"

"Faye, her gong & singing are the highlight. Always enlightening!"

"Fay's classes are varied. This particular class was an interactive class where the flow wasn't just about the movement but also a conversation of tweaking postures, questions and discussions."

"Love that class"

"This is the most incredible class. Fay is awesome"

"Fay is awesome :)"

"Fays classes are physically end emotionally challenging and inspiring!"

"I loved the class. The teacher is so inspirational! She sings and plays music around you. The asanas were challenging which I love, and the shavasana was long and amazing relaxed! 100%recomended!!"

"Fay’s classes are amazing"

"Fay’s classes are truly unique and something to experience"


"Amazing class"

"Beautiful class with everything I love - asana, breath, music and gong bath. Great Friday evening :)"

"Love her classes. Especially the music!!"

"the class is amazing. Especially the music session at the end. THE BEST ONE"

"It was a perfect journey from start to finish. Inward + intense + connected."

"I love labyrinth Yoga, it is a really lovely grounding stretch and lots vinyassas that make you stronger. The teacher and the gong baths are wonderful!"

"Beautiful mix of singing, asana and relaxation. Fay teaches from the heart."

"All round great experience, body and soul 👌"

"Fay is an amazing teacher. I always feel great after practicing with her"

"Amazing strong flow class with a beautiful gong sound Bath to finish."

"Fay is the best yoga teacher in Bristol."

"Best yoga class in Bristol"

"Amazing class"

"Love the energy, music, yoga flow and singing. Always an amazing experience."

"Fay's classes are fantastic and made me commit to my yoga practice fully. They are very well-structured, versatile, challenging. Fay teaches in a very intuitive way so the classes are never boring - every time I came, I had a chance to become better and also learn something new. Fay is an attentive, knowledgeable and inspiring teacher - really, one couldn't ask for anything better. This has been a very enjoyable and enriching practice - thank you so much!" Igne Barkauskaite


"Amazing strong flow class with a beautiful gong sound Bath to finish."


"peaceful, relaxed mind and energised body, that's how I felt after a Yoga lesson with Fay. I tried different Yogi in this last year, but the way that she guides you in discovering your body, your breath and challenging you in overcome your limits trusting in your body is unique and definitely the most effective that I tried so far. Bless you Fay, amazing light worker!" Sabrina De Mitri


"fay is fantastic"


"Looking forward to Saturday Yoga Flow with you Fay Rosamond Trezise. I love your sessions, they make me feel so good, I wish I could feel like that all the time! Thanks for making it such a magical and spiritual experience. Makes me feel connected and happy every time. Thank you x" James Lea


"Fay is an amazing teacher. I always feel great after practicing with her"


"I really enjoy Fays class it's always dynamic, unique and energetic and a really good atmosphere. Fay is a really good teacher, she is welcoming and has always made me feel comfortable! I really love these classes and no matter what mood I am in before I always come out feeling energised!" Bronwen Henley

"Fay is fantastic - the lesson is great on both a physical and spiritual level. The music and singing is a really beautiful addition to the practice."


"Fay's classes are amazing, a great mixture of challenging asana, grounding pranayama and meditation, and chanting, which creates a great atmosphere. I left feeling like I had challenging my body and explored myself and my limits. Thanks again Fay!"



"Went in feeling a bit stiff from barbell the day before and came out stretched, relaxed and loose as a moose. Great teacher with individual attention and variations."



"wonderfully held class, with a great variety of poses and wonderful savasana section"

"Fay is a great teacher, very attentive, relaxed and positive."


"Lovely environment and teacher"


"Best yoga teacher in Bristol ;)"

"The teacher is lovely and very good. Very good and strong flow"

"Beautiful space and excellent teaching"


"Great session with a great instructor"


"Fay is a great teacher who teaches a spiritual session while getting a pretty tough workout. Best yoga teacher in Bristol"

"Amazing atmosphere!"

"Fay's class really challenges you to make the most out of your body. She is a great instructor and I really feel like I've worked hard afterwards and can really feel 'the burn' the next day."

"It's just a great class with lots of work gone into preparing it for the students"


"It is a consistently great class! Great professional friendly expert teacher who pushes you to make sure you have a great class"


"Amazing teacher, empowering music, challenging flow of poses"


"Because it is great!"


"Good powerfull relaxing class"


"Fay's a great teacher and has great music to keep you flowing through the moves...."


"Very good"

"Great class. Beautiful surroundings with view to the garden. Good workout and teacher had the right balance of demonstration and individual instruction"


"Fay is an amazing, very experienced teacher and kambe yoga a very nice and warm space. Can´t get any better"


"She's a fantastic teacher!"


"It's just a great great class"


"The teacher is beautiful, and her classes are challenging I always feel great afterwards!"


"It was good and the right level for me."


"Fay is a brilliant yoga teacher :-)"


"Fays classes are excellent"


"The class is very dynamic and challenging with a lot of variety doc using on strength and flow. 
It can however be done at any level or however your are feeling. She's a great teacher"


"Fay's a great teacher!"


"Great class."

"Lovely space. Quite energetic class"