(From Students)

“Peace, Center, Balance ,Relax, Breath, Space, Stretch, Relief, Energy, Release, Strength, Clarity, Connection, Harmony, Union, Freedom”



Benefits (from Students)

Energy, Depth, Breath, Positivity, Mindfullness, Achievement, Community, Strength (mentally/physically), Love, Peace, Peace, Peace,

Always leave with smile on my face, 

Euphoria, Accomplishment, Reset, Relaxation, Heath, Wellbeing, Contentment, Feeling good in my body, Flexibility, Happiness.


From Fay

Yoga is inspired by my life’s training as a contemporary dancer, choreographer and Yogini. The Yoga Asana sequencing explores creating awareness and equanimity in the body.  The philosophy is rooted in the tantric tradition, exploring intention, innate wisdom and oneness.


We explore how to move based around Release Technique from dance training and Laban’s Choreutics (which brings awareness into how to move the body efficiently through space).


The phrasing is varied with options for more advanced students, at times flowing and also static depending on the intention that week.

There is a emphasis on standing postures in the middle and hip openers towards the end with often inversion to finish (headstand, handstand and arm balance) Lots of students are regular, you will find over time your practice will grow through commitment and dedication; this becomes a exciting new experience on and off the mat.



Classically trained as a dancer from the age of 3 years old, which has led Fay to a life time enquiry into the moving body and philosophy of embodied presence.  

  • 500 Advanced Yoga teacher training at triyoga London with Anna Ashby and Jean Hall. 


  • 100 hour Anusara Teacher Training Immersion at triyoga, London.

With Bridget Woods Kramer. 


  • 200 hour Teacher Training at triyoga, London.

With teachers Anna Ashby and Joey Miles.

30 Hour Philosophy Training. 


  • 33 hours of Restoritive Yoga Teacher Training at triyoga, London.  

With Anna Ashby. 


  • Thai Yoga Masssage Training, Itzhak Helmen. Thailand Sunshine Network. Lahu Village.


Dance Training

2007/2008 LABAN: Post Graduate Diploma in Dance

  • Cunningham based > Gary Lambert/Rachel Lancaster,

  • Graham based >Genevieve Grady.

  • Release based > Melanie Clark,

  • Ballet > Julia Gleich:

  • Jazz > Hagit Yakira

  • Contact Improvisation > Kathy Crick

  • Physical Theatre > Katharine Markee   

  • Pilates        


2003/2006 Bath Spa University 2:1 BA Single (Hons) in Dance.

  • Cunningham Based > Paul Claydon.

  • Release based, > Marina Collard, Esther Lewis-Smith.

  • Physical Theatre/Contact improvisation>Paul Claydon.

  • Somatics


1987/2003 ‘Monica Furneaux School of Classical Ballet
 Fully certificated and highly graded in Cecchetti Ballet by the Imperial society of teachers and dancing at the ‘Monica Furneaux School of Classical Ballet’

*With Great Respect and Love*